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Bong - 11 January 02:12

I am undecided on this matter so I am not really trying to argue/debate/portray one side or the other, just for clarification. Parents do many things to their child's body without consent with the presumption that they are doing what is best for the child. Granted most things are not as drastic as circumcision.

Chaban - 21 August 07:58

sehr geil!!!

Foney - 14 March 14:26


Pasho - 12 June 09:23

So you are saying that you consider it ok for people to have gender preferences but not racial ones? If you have arrived at the point where you can call even a sexual preference racist you have lost me. Personally I would rather be on the side of the racists than have to adjust my sexual, intimate preferences to fit the world views of the ostentatious righteous strangers online.

Skolnik - 4 December 23:23

Love to see the fat jiggle while getting good, long penis.

Groehler - 2 October 03:32

i never see somali ugly like that

Benscoter - 25 June 11:18

Wow, that's actually nice detailed and helpful.