Vasectomy body still make sperm

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Primm - 30 December 11:20

So, by extension are you accusing lesbians and gays of sexism?

Arthur - 27 June 12:54

Twice now you have come out against circumcision without explanation. There are medical benefits and you just cast it aside as injustice? It is a choice. A choice that was made for me at a young age and almost everyone I know. I have yet to meet a single person that was ungrateful. I have on the other hand met adults that have had the procedure and it is much harder on adults than children. They wish it was done before. I find this insulting both as a circed male and as a cultural Jewish male.

Wiley - 24 September 18:15

If she would have did this to me, she would have got fucked hard that night!

Terrence - 9 July 16:55


Arthur - 8 March 10:43

Nice for some afternoon pleasure.

Palaspas - 14 May 02:51

I had no idea there was an answer beyond no, even though I had heard of sexological bodywork before. Would you consider doing a video where you taught about the other 3 you mentioned? I'm especially curious about what a happiness consultant is!

Cozine - 4 April 08:34

Nasty!!! I'd be ashamed to broadcast that to the world