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Leino - 4 January 10:12

Hey Dr. Doe, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a video on clitoral pain? If anybody else wants a video on clitoral pain please reply

Etta - 3 May 02:58

Good fucking!!

Nelly - 11 April 17:18

In my public school health class, the only protection we were taught about were abstinence and condoms and even when speaking about condoms we were not shown more than a wrapper. The main focus was showing shock pictures to scare us from sex. Thank you for this. It's already much better than the semester long course I was given

Autumn - 14 December 07:30

cool chick with juicy juggs

Kolker - 27 January 11:27

я хочу ие рочьком

Elias - 18 May 05:44

Let's see what you would think about someone who made a video with the following: