Intimate partner abuse among gay and bisexual

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Vincent - 19 February 04:21

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Siniard - 11 February 12:15

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Lloyd - 25 November 23:05

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Dian - 20 September 19:32

Liked the content but I would have preferred if the guest spoke directly to us instead of to Lindsey. It kinda feels like I am eavesdropping and when it cuts to Lindsey just listening, it is a little strange (not that you aren't beautiful to look at Lindsey!), The connection to the audience I think would be stronger if she spoke to us like Lindsey does in her solo videos.

Phebe - 19 July 19:37

But anyway, some of my identifiers: White, Cis-Female, Bi-curious, Introvert, Feminist, Nerdfighter, Artist, Chubby, Lady Scout, Hufflepuff, Moderate, Cat Person, Blogger, Dancer, and Whovian.

Scamehorn - 14 August 19:09

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