Bikini malibu string

Uploaded by Baggott on February 14th, 2019 in Bikini

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Garg - 23 January 22:03

To put my reasoning simply, I believe that you explain something that has defined and confused our society (sex so well that everyone *needs the information you place on your channel. You do it better than any sex ed teacher I've ever known.

Romelia - 27 January 11:22

ты очень милая, хочется тебя трахнуть

Shells - 7 August 17:22

she dominates being older

Waybill - 11 November 03:22

In Brazilian portuguese we have a word to shame a guy that sleeps with a lot of women, it's galinha, it's literally the translation of chicken, makes no sense the word, but ok. and for slut we use vaca, its meaning is cow, and the reason of that is because when a guy is cuckold we compare him to a bull because of its horn, it has the same meaning that the symbol that you made with your hand, so it's like if you date a cow you will become a cuckold/bull

Girard - 8 July 04:02

chlupata je taky pekna