Bikini ratings contest

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Jule - 28 January 06:31

omg I was I was you. Her tits are huge.

Matsumura - 22 August 05:11

2: What, like a towel? Seriously the logistics of anything but a condom don't make any sense, unless you want to wear a hazmat suit. Just cover it with a cloth or something if you don't want to use a condom.

Starghill - 8 November 21:58

Oh how I was hoping to gif you 2:57 2:58 saying another biggy is social stigma but blaaaahhhhh. I like it.

Termeer - 11 December 05:21

I like feelng

Wilbur - 1 November 20:56

brilliant wife

Pinkie - 21 November 08:38


Wondoloski - 3 April 13:31

I have never seen tampons with applicators my wife doesn't use them and I also haven't seen them at all in stores here in Austria. I noticed them first whilst emergency tampon shopping with my wife in the UK. What are the benefits of those applicators? I mean, obviously it can be done without them and they add extra cost to the production and extra waste to be disposed. Is it a cultural thing, that some countries or regions think of the vulva as dirty and thus makes tampons so that you don't have to touch it?